1. Waterfall Faucet.
    A beautiful and elegant type which offers a unique and classy look to any bathroom. While it offers both functionality and style, it is also an affordable method to transform your ordinary looking bathroom into a modern looking one. Waterfall faucets are made for three-hole installation and most of them are suitable for wall mounting. Before buying waterfall faucet for your sink, check out whether your sink comes with pre-drilled holes.
  2. Wall Mounted Faucet.
    Wall mounted faucets are mounted on the wall above the sink and extend over the center of the sink. They are best for sinks which do not have any hole drilling.
  3. Single Hole Faucet.
    This is a simple design best suitable for smaller sinks or vessels whose countertops are drilled for a single hole faucet.
  4. Wide Spread Faucet.
    For those with a bigger sink, wide spread faucet can be an option to choose from. It has two handles located at the sides of the sink, each one for cold and hot water and a water spout. The three pieces are distanced further apart, requiring more space and are therefore, more suitable for bigger sinks. The hot and cold water comes from two different places and the unit requires a three-hole installation.
  5. Centre Set Faucet.
    Smaller than the wide spread faucet, this is an option suitable for those who requires both hot and cold water but with smaller sinks. It has a separate handle for hot and cold water on both the sides of a spout. They require three-hole installation basin as the spout and valves combine on one pool unit.