The bathroom is the place where you unwind and wash away all the stress and tension after a long day at work therefore it not only needs to look clean, but to smell clean and fresh as well. After all, you wouldn’t want to drag yourself into a bathroom that reek staleness. Here’s how you can keep your bathroom smelling clean and fresh:

  1. Clear the clogs.
    De-clog the drains, water closet and wash basin pipes to flush out trapped hair and other slimy residue from your shower gel and hair conditioner. To do this, pour boiling water into the drains followed by a cup of vinegar. Leave it for a couple of hours before flushing it out with running water.
  2. Weekly maintenance.  
    Give your bathroom a thorough cleaning once a week. Scrub the floor, wall tiles, basin, shower area and water closet using a heavy duty sponge. A bottle of reliable multi-purpose cleaner does wonders in removing stains and mold.
  3. Ventilate. 
    Always “air” your bathroom, making sure that it’s properly ventilated. Keep the bathroom floor and bathmats dry. Leaving the bathroom in dampness can result in mold and mildew.
  4. Clean those curtains.
    While it’s good to have a shower curtain to curb water from splashing all over, ensure that you clean it on a weekly basis as well. Untended shower curtains make perfect hosts for fungus to grow on.
  5. Add some scents. 
    Besides being lovely décor, scented candles can make your bathroom smell heavenly. Select one or few candles with a scent that’s pleasing to your nose, with a colour to match your bathroom theme. Lighting up those candles while you shower can be quite a mood booster.