There are so many good ways of taking care of wooden furniture at home. But when it comes to your dining table, most home owners have ignored the simplest ways of taking care of it.


    Small particles of dust may seem harmless, but enough build-up can eventually scratch the surface of the wood’s finish. Make dusting a weekly task or more frequent if necessary using a soft, lint-free cloth.
    To remove grime or grease, clean gently with a non-alkaline soap and water solution. Dry the wood immediately with a soft, dry cloth to avoid water damage. For watermark rings from sweating glasses, chances are it is in the wax, not the wood. Rubbing the area with mayonnaise should get the marks right out. (Yes, you heard us right! Mayonnaise works well!)For burn marks, use an extra-fine, dry steel-wool soap pad to rub gently along the grain over the burned area to remove it. Cover ugly scratches with a furniture touch-up marker or crayon in a matching wood shade.
    Extreme room temperature and humidity can wreak havoc on wooden dining tables. Keep them away from incoming direct sunlight and heat sources such as radiators. The temperature swings could damage the wood with warping or splitting.
    Acquire a custom-fit glass piece to be placed on top of the wooden dining table to protect the surface. This will not only give your dining table a nice touch but it also protects the wooden surface as well.Alternatively, you can use linen or cotton tablecloths & placemats. Avoid vinyl and plastic materials as they can damage the wooden finishes on your dining table or leave residues behind that build up on the surface. Over time, these materials can make the surface of your dining table sticky and cause discoloration.
    Just like your car, wooden furnitures deserve a nice coat of wax to make them shiny. Once or twice a year, polish the surface of your dining table with a hard, carnauba wax. Use two soft, lint-free cloths. One to apply the wax and another to polish. This does not only make the wooden surface shinier but it will be much easier to wipe the dust or other residues off!