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Wall Painting Ideas

Posted on 2019-10-21

How often do we wake up to boring and dull colors in our home and wish for a change of color on the walls? You can bring more colour to your home with vibrant looking wall paint designs for every occasion.


Thus we recommend you today Amazing DIY Paintings For Your Blank Walls that will give that dose of personality your home needs. All the projects are ridiculously simple and fun to do. They don’t really require much skill and some of them can be a fun family project to do on a free weekend.

Pros & Cons of Having A Marble Dining Table

Posted on 2019-10-21

Marble table, an epitome of class and elegance. However, there are a few things you need to take into consideration before making that big purchase. Marble is a soft stone, so although it is very dense, it is also rather vulnerable to staining and scratching. If you take the time to maintain it properly, your marble top table can be enjoyed for many years to come and could even be passed down to future generations.



  1. Beauty is definitely at the top of the list of advantages of marble. It compliments any décor and not because of its beauty, it somehow becomes a conversation piece between you and your guest.
  2. Marble is durable if it is cared for properly and consistently. With proper care, it may be the only piece of furniture at home you will never need to replace.
  3. Being an epitome of class and elegance, marble will never go out of style.
  4. Marble table tops are available in an array of beautiful natural colors, and tables are designed for a contemporary, modern look as well as traditional, ornate and antique. You will easily find a table to compliment your home.
  5. Marble can be restored by a professional with good results if it is not maintained properly.



  1. Marble requires careful cleaning and maintenance.
  2. It scratches rather easily and unfortunately, sealing will not prevent this.
  3. While it doesn’t prevent scratches, a marble top table would still need to be sealed regularly. Sealing gives it some form of a protection and keep it looking new.

10 Tips to Take Care of Leather Sofas

Posted on 2019-10-21

A leather sofa can add a touch of class and elegance to any living room. Although leather comes in limited shade offerings, it’s sleek and sophisticated-looking nature allows it to stay contemporary through all styles and seasons. With the right care, your leather sofa can last for generations. Here are some tips on how to care for your leather sofa:

  1. Suck it out. 
    Start your cleaning routine by removing dust and particles on the surface of your leather sofa with a vacuum cleaner. To avoid scratching your furniture, use the soft brush attachment while you go about it.
  2. Wipe with mild detergent. 
    Avoid using harsh detergents to clean your sofa as this might damage the surface of the leather. Dip a clean piece of cloth in some mild detergent and gently wipe the entire sofa. You may use detergents that are designed for washing delicate fabric if you do not have commercial leather cleaner.
  3. Clean spills immediately. 
    Unfortunately, spills are unavoidable especially if you have young children around the house. Use a dry cloth to blot the spills immediately and let it air-dry. Do not wipe as this will cause the moisture to spread out.
  4. Keep away from sunlight. 
    Protect your sofa from being exposed to direct sunlight as it can cause the leather to age and dry up, causing it to crack and discolor. Always place your sofa leather at least two feet away from excessive heat sources.
  5. Remove stains appropriately. 
    For leather, there are different methods to remove different kind of stains. To get rid of permanent ink stain, dip a cotton swab in some Isopropyl alcohol and gently rub over the stain. To remove grease stains, begin by blotting up as much grease as possible from the surface of the leather with a dry cloth. Sprinkle some talcum or corn starch on the affected area and let it settle for a while. Then, brush it off using a soft-bristled brush. You may need to repeat the process a few times.
  6. Weekly maintenance. 
    Clean your leather at least once a week. Simply wipe your sofa with a dry microfiber cloth.
  7. Keep away from pets. 
    If possible, keep your pets off the upholstery as leather is prone to irreparable damage from scratching and chewing.
  8. Be careful of sharp objects. 
    You should always protect your sofa from sharp objects such as belt buckles, watch straps, scissors or knives. If you’re not careful, these objects can leave unsightly scratches.
  9. Follow instructions. 
    You leather sofa comes with a manufacturer’s cleaning and care instructions. Make sure you follow these instructions diligently.
  10. Get professional help. 
    Get the assistance of professional sofa repair company in you notice cracks or rips on your leather sofa. It’s advisable to engage professional cleaning services from time to time.

What Type of Upholstery Foam is Used in Couch Cushions

Posted on 2019-10-21

You have been sitting in the couch cushion for many years and it is about time to get new ones now. The seats are sagging, the cushions are lumpy and the upholstery is shredding.

So you decide to go to the nearest furniture shop, naively thinking that you’ll get a new couch within the next few days.

Instead, you were overwhelmed by the number of choices of sofa in the market. Who knew that buying a piece of upholstered furniture could be like buying a new car?

Here is a general list of upholstery foam that you may need to take into consideration when choosing the right couch for your house.

    A medium firmness foam for occasional use. Poly foam can be used for cushions and also mattresses. Foam has a typical life of 1-2 years.
    Super soft foam is suggested for the back of sofa cushions and it is suitable for regular use. It can also be used for mattress toppers and matt
    resses for individuals with bed sores. Foam has a typical life of 5 years.
    Medium foam for regular or heavy use. Other than cushion, High Density Foam can also be used for seats, chairs, benches, and mattresses. Foam has a typical life of 7 to 16 years.
    Firm foam for regular or heavy use. Other than cushion, Lux Foam is a high quality foam suggested for seats, chairs, cushions, benches, and mattresses. Foam has a typical life of 7 to 16 years.

Ever wonder why some couches or mattresses are more expensive? Now you know! It all depends on what your needs are really.