When people build a new home or renovate their current home, they tend to ignore the opportunity of a walkin wardrobe. Instead, they fixate on the size of the bathrooms and the ensuite and don’t give a second thought to the size of their wardrobes. This is the perfect time to consider the type of wardrobe you will need and what your storage needs are. Walk-in wardrobes are ideal for use as a dressing room, placing a chest of drawers and mirror. Depending on the size of the walk-in wardrobe you may also wish to have a chair to sit while putting on your shoes. Walk-in wardrobes are so versatile when compared to the confinements of a built in wardrobe. The walkin wardrobe has a lot of wall space that can be shelved floor to ceiling.

Obviously, walk in wardrobes do take up more space than a regular wardrobe, but in reality, the size of your wardrobe is just as important as the size of your ensuite.

If we think of your ensuite for a moment, you don’t want a teeny, tiny shower cubicle where you bang your elbows on the glass shower screens and you can’t bend over without hitting the wall. This would drive you nuts every morning when you are getting ready to go to work.

Well, the same applies to your walkin wardrobe, because you don’t want all of your clothes and accessories jammed in so tight that everything is creased and you can’t find anything anyway. So let’s look at 5 benefits of installing walk in wardrobes in your home:

  1. Lots of wardrobe hanging room: Just think of all the room you will have to hang your clothes in your new walk in wardrobes. You will not only be able to see everything quire easily in your walk-in wardrobe, but because you have so much wardrobe hanging space, they won’t all be jammed in together and they won’t become creased.
  2. Shoes neatly on display: Instead of a jumble of shoes on the wardrobe floor, all of your shoes will be neatly on display, so you can quickly select the right pair for your outfit in the morning in your walkin wardrobe.
  3. Shelves for folding items: No longer will you have to cram all of your winter clothes and jumpers into drawers, because with customised walk in wardrobesyou will have lots of wardrobe space to store all of your bulky items.
  4. Display cases for jewellery: Imagine having a glass topped display case inside your wardrobe for your watches, necklaces, earrings and rings. This will make it so easy to pick your jewellery to match your outfit every day and it will keep everything safe and untangled in a walk-in wardrobe.
  5. Your own dressing room: The walk-in wardrobe doubles as a dressing room. It is such an indulgence to have your very own dressing room, where everything is in one place and you can relax while you are dressing. You can even have a chair and side table in your walk in wardrobes, as well as electrical points and a lovely floor to ceiling mirror.

So if you are thinking about building your own home or renovating your current home, give some serious thought to including walk in wardrobes into your plans. We all deserve a little slice of  indulgence every now and again!  The walk-in wardrobe is wardrobe heaven.