MF3 Home, Living & Life Fengshui Talk

Come and join our exciting Fengshui with our Guest Speakers to enlighten your ideas of creating a better home living environment and life!

MF3 continues to bring the fascinating Fengshui Talk to you on this December. Fengshui Master Paw 鲍一凡老师 will be once again sharing all the essentials Fengshui tips that touch on Indoor and Outdoor Fengshui from 3pm to 6pm on 15 Dec 2018.

Besides, The Inspiration Talk held from 3pm to 5pm on 16 Dec 2018, presented by Ms JW Lau Jing Woon who is renowned for the Fengshui Bazi and NLP coaching would give you great tips on improving your life, health & happiness!

Don’t miss it!