Don’t just buy a bed because the sales person says it is good for your back. A bed that is supportive and comfortable is the key factor. But it is important to remember that your requirement for support will differ depending on your weight and build.

There is no single right bed to ease a back problem and each different back problem also may require a different solution. The best approach is to research the options carefully, take time to try them out and choose what you personally find supportive and comfortable, regardless of labels or even price tags.

  1. Platform bed.
    Known for its simplicity, a platform bed has a raised base consisting of rows of flexible wooden slats that are solid enough to support a mattress without the aid of a box-spring. The raised base provides great ventilation for the mattress. Headboards are optional for platform beds.
  2. Trundle bed.
    A perfect space-saving solution, a trundle a pair of beds where a slightly smaller bed with castor wheels is stored beneath a twin bed frame. These beds are becoming popular in Malaysia as it keeps the bedroom spacious while serving as an extra bed when necessary.
  3. Sofa bed.
    Ideal for studio or small apartments, a sofa bed serves as a multi-functional furniture piece that serves as a sofa on most days but can be converted into a guest bed when the need arises.
  4. Four-poster bed.
    Introduced more than 5 centuries ago, four-poster beds a still widely favoured in affluent Malaysian homes. A picture of elegance and luxury, the beds come in ornate frames with four posts; one in each corner of the frame. A canopy of sheer material is draped over the posts to provide the bed with a cosy shelter.
  5. Day bed.
    Day beds are beginning to claim popularity in Malaysia especially in contemporary homes. While day beds can serve as an extra bed for guests, they generally serve as a recliner or a lounger and are placed in common rooms.