Organized by the Kuala Lumpur & Selangor Furniture Association (KSFA), the Malaysian Furniture & Furnishings Fair (MF3) celebrated the best of the home and lifestyle industry with the biggest home expo in Malaysia.

Inspiring homeowners with the best products and services you can offer – the MF3 provides the most effective platform for you to educate your target clients with a wellspring of information and tips on transforming their home styles, as well as improving their home and living needs.

With a consumer-oriented approach and free admission, this signature home expo enjoys a huge turnout every year, prompting nearly 100% of participating exhibitors to agree that the MF3 is the best yet most effective branding platform to jumpstart their home and living product lines and sales.

With the best package deals and a brand new direction of product categories as the main attraction, the MF3 promises to be the premier home expo in Malaysia, inspiring creativity and innovation for all.





The Malaysian Furniture & Furnishings Fair is the signature event organized by Kuala Lumpur & Selangor Furniture Association (KSFA). Previously known as MFF, the consumer-oriented MF3 marks its 11th year of charm to fulfill the growing needs and passion of homebuyers towards a better home environment and lifestyle! Malaysian Furniture & Furnishings Fair (MF3) received a huge turnout every year with homeowners vying for the good products at best deals. Celebrating the country’s best in the home and living industry, MF3 promises a ready market for your brand exposure and product sales.  



Sungai Buloh is the hub of furniture production for KL and Selangor; however there was no communication flow and connection among all the furniture producers. In fact, there was no one association voluntarily taking initiative to reflect our views to the government. Ironically, for years, many furniture producers were not fully aware of the funding support provided by the government.


The objectives are as follows:

  1. To unite all the furniture related businesses in KL and Selangor area, and establish a constructive association for KL and Selangor furniture businesses with the purpose of enhancing mutual benefits for all producers.
  2. To enhance the relationships of all KL and Selangor’s furniture producers and to establish good reputation for the Malaysia’s furniture industry.
  3. To nurture and develop good relationship between the associations and the government departments.
  4. To promote Malaysia’s furniture business in the competitive international environment, and hence stimulate the country’s economy.
  5. To represent the furniture producers of KL and Selangor to liaise with the government to explore more opportunities and potential development for Malaysia’s furniture industry, including importing and exporting.
  6. To organize and conduct exhibitions, conference, seminars, and foreign trade visit to upgrade the standard and quality of the furniture industry.



Malaysian Furniture & Furnishings Fair (MF3 2022) – 15th Edition


Event Name                 : Malaysian Furniture & Furnishings Fair (MF3 2022) – 15th Edition

Event Date                   : 29 – 31 July 2022, (Friday- Sunday)

Event Time                   : 10:30am to 9:00pm

Venue                           : Hall 1 to Hall 2, Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre

Frequency                   : Annual
Total Area                    : Approximately 3000 Square meters
Target Audience         : End users, designers, traders, suppliers, projects, developers
Organizer                    : Kuala Lumpur & Selangor Furniture Industry Association (KSFA)

Exhibitor Profile         : (1) Home Furniture

                                       (2) Office Furniture

                                       (3) Kitchen Furniture

                                       (4) Mattress & Bedding

                                       (5) Home Appliances & AV

                                       (6) Kitchen Appliances

                                       (7) Soft Furnishings

                                       (8) Flooring & Ceramic

                                       (9) Landscaping

                                       (10) Door & Window

                                       (11) Bathroom Accessories

                                       (12) Security & Safety

                                       (13) Home Services

                                       (14) Decorative Item




  1. Strategic Location. MF3 is conveniently located in KLCC; one of the most happening places for business meeting-up, family hang-around, shopping, sightseeing, entertainment, and 5-Star accommodation in the city.
  2. Visitor Groups. MF3 branding as premier furniture and furnishing fairs @ KLCC tends to attract home owners and crowds of middle-to-high spending power.
  3. Timing. Perfect timing for MF3 exhibitors as families and home owners are flocking to town for festive shopping during the Ramadan Sales taking place in July each year. Therefore, timing for MF3 is ideal for Malaysian is home furniture shopping prior to year end festivals and get-togethers!
  4. Premium Image & Settings. We gather only among the most admired brands and best players in the furniture market, and thus projecting the right image and optimal settings for your product showcasing and branding during the MF3 event.
  5. Advertising & Promotion. We have allocated significant budget this year for heavier and diversed range of advertising and promotion campaigns and programs; including print advertisement, banner, bunting, radio spots, show guide, press and magazine interview and write-ups, and promotion mechanics such as lucky draws and contests.
  6. MF3 is organized by KSFA, a non-profit organization with noble aims to unite furniture manufacturers and entrepreneurs, share knowledge, and enhance strategic competitiveness of furniture makers and exporters in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor.

Therefore as our member, you are entitled to enjoy special benefits at the Best Rate in Town!